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In order to progress in the game, the player has to use a team of various units. They are primarily human entities, who are able to participate in direct combat with in-game enemies. Some of the units are inanimate, and are known as "support items", or "rage abilities".

Most units have to be bought with coins, while some are obtainable for free via the Star Reward system and annual events. Several units can only be unlocked by buying a unit pack with green cash. There also exists a unit that's only available for purchase with real world money.

Currently, there are 56 total units in the game: 48 are human units while the other 8 are stationary units.



Every unit has a number of parameters to abide by. Units' health, melee, and ranged damage can be improved by leveling them up, requiring power points and coins to do so. The stats are modified with a formula: round(base × 1.1 ^ level). The vast majority of stats can also get boosted with upgrade items that provide an extra bonus if worn in a complete set. Certain characteristics can also be temporarily powered-up during battle with buffs.

Most units have perks that determine how they will function in combat. Reaching level 13 allows them to unlock their special ability. Most units will reanimate into a zombie after being killed.

When a unit is spawned, their stats will be slightly randomized:

  • A value between -5 and 5 is added to agility and aggression;
  • Speed is changed by the next formula: Speed * -0.1 up to 0.1;
  • A value between -10% and 10% is added to critical chance and knockback resistance.

All units at the start of the level have their cooldown reduced by 10 seconds (e.g. a unit with a 13-second cooldown at the start of the level will instead start at 3 seconds left).

For more information about unit parameters, see: Stats.


During combat, the majority of units behave similarly: they always start by heading to the barricade, but if they sense an enemy along that path they will move towards them. Melee units can approach enemies at any angle without stopping, while ranged units need to move sideways (to players it would appear as if they are moving up or down), and stay in a certain distance away from the targeted enemy. This distance varies for each ranged unit, determined by their range stat.

In the majority of game modes, units only ever move to the right as that is where the barricade is located at. They will only move to the left during Skirmish battles, and if an enemy attacks them from behind. In the latter case, they will go back to moving right after killing the target. If a fire pool is in a unit's path, they will walk around. They will only idly stand in front of it if several pools block the path entirely.

Certain abilities and unique AI will affect units' behavior. For example, Welder will move accordingly to approach and fix Generators and Turrets while avoiding enemies completely, Mechanic will rush through fire pools during his additional damage attack, and Light Soldier (among many other units) will target certain enemies in his path while ignoring others.

Units may utter random lines during battle. However, this effect is largely aesthetic and does not affect combat.


In order to play regular missions and events, players have to create a battle deck with up to six different units from their collection. They are sent out of the bus and their role is to fight enemies and destroy the barricade. The deck the player creates always has six units. The only exception to this rule is at the beginning of the player's playthrough when the player only has five or fewer units available to them. Once the player has earned more than six units, it's impossible to remove units from the deck; they have to be replaced by others.

In Skirmish, the player can make a team out of any human units whose total cost does not exceed 100 points in both courage and rage.


Each unit has three identifiers assigned to them: class, rarity, and synergy.


Class is an identifier used to give players an idea of how each units functions at a base level. Each class can feature both ranged and melee units in it, but usually they are dominated by one of those types.

Currently, there exist 9 classes in the game: Fighter, Damager, Heavyweight, Shooter, Shotgunner, Sniper, Psycho, Support, and Support Item.

For more information, see: Classes.


Rarity is an identifier used to differentiate the way certain units are earned in-game. Currently, the following rarity levels exist in the game:

Rarity Description Units
Stars Reward Units that are earned for free from the Star Reward system after collecting a certain amount of stars from mission completion. Redneck Sprite.png Empty Barrel Sprite.png Farmer Sprite.png Builder Sprite.png Pepper if skin 1x1.png Chopper Sprite.png Gunslinger Sprite.png Sheriff Charlotte Sprite.png
Common Units that cost coins. Most require a certain player level to be reached first before unlocking them. Mechanic Sprite.png Medkit Sprite.png Red Barrel Sprite.png Firefighter Sprite.png Molotov Sprite.png Glenn Sprite.png Policeman Diaz Sprite.png Generator Sprite.png Grenader Sprite.png Nitrogen Sprite.png Marine Sprite.png Sniper Sprite.png Welder Sprite.png Carlos Sprite.png Guard Sprite.png Medic Sprite.png Turret Sprite.png Sonya Sprite.png Ranger Sprite.png Willy Sprite.png Light Soldier 1x1.png Carol 1x1.png Paramedic Nancy 1x1.png Builder Abby 1x1.png Rogue 1x1.png Lionheart 1x1.png Juggernaut 1x1.png
Exclusive Unique units that are earned through special means. Most are earned by purchasing unit packs and a few are earned from opening cases during annual events. Jailer Sprite.png Specops Sprite.png Saw Sprite.png Berserker Sprite.png Lester Sprite.png Flamethrower Sprite.png Soldier Sprite.png Cap Sprite.png Austin 1x1.png Swat Sprite.png Agents 1x1.png Queen 1x1.png Turbo 1x1.png Cashier 1x1.png Red Hood 1x1.png Miller 1x1.png Kane 1x1.png Norman 1x1.png Drone 1x1.png Link=Andrea Link=Maria


Synergy is a special label indicating that a human unit belongs to a particular team. When a certain amount of said team's members are used in a deck a special bonus is activated. Currently, not every human is assigned a synergy. Some units can get access to a different synergy via skins.

For more information, see: Team Power.

Existing teams and their members include:

Team Units
Emergency logo.png
Climber 1x1.png Firefighter Sprite.png Medic Sprite.png Paramedic Nancy 1x1.png Lionheart 1x1.png Technician Bosco Sprite.png
Rednecks logo.png
Redneck Sprite.png Farmer Sprite.png Chopper Rural 1x1.png Wild Carlos 1x1.png Nancy Nurse 1x1.png
Northerners logo.png
Lester Sprite.png Chopper Sprite.png Northerners Glenn Sprite.png Winter Sonya 1x1.png Flannel Carol Sprite.png Turbo 1x1.png Link=Andrea Worthy Sprite.png Nurse Hirsch Sprite.png
Marines logo.png
Marine Sprite.png Marine Sniper Sprite.png Sonya Sprite.png Ranger Tactical 1x1.png Nancy 1x1.png
College logo.png
College Redneck Sprite.png Dale 1x1.png 1998 Builder Sprite.png Bully 1x1.png Coach Sprite.png Cheerleader.png
Military logo.png
Specops Sprite.png Military Glenn Sprite.png Modern Grenader Sprite.png Military Sniper Sprite.png Carol 1x1.png Bombardier.png
Patriots logo.png
Patriot Farmer Sprite.png Patriot Charlotte Sprite.png Banny Charlotte Sprite.png Rebel Gunslinger Sprite.png Patriot Marine Sprite.png Carol Williams 1x1.png Juggernaut 1x1.png
Psychos logo.png
Saw Sprite.png Berserker Sprite.png Clown Chopper Sprite.png Austin 1x1.png Queen 1x1.png Red Hood 1x1.png Court Jester Sprite.png
TMF logo.png
Flamethrower Sprite.png Soldier Sprite.png Cap Sprite.png TMF Ranger Sprite.png Swat Sprite.png Rogue 1x1.png
Builders logo.png
Builder Sprite.png Operator Sprite.png Builder Pepper Sprite.png Builder Light Soldier.png SWAT Builder 1x1.png Builder Abby 1x1.png Bulldozer.png
Police logo.png
Police Pepper Sprite.png Sheriff Charlotte Sprite.png Police Glenn Sprite.png Policeman Diaz Sprite.png Agents 1x1.png Riot Policeman 1x1.png Collector.png Mountie Sprite.png
IF logo.png
Pepper if skin 1x1.png Grenader Sprite.png Surgeon Lt Sprite.png Ranger 1x1.png Light Soldier 1x1.png
Mechanic logo.png
Hillbilly Sprite.png Mechanic Sprite.png Mechanic Diaz 1x1.png Welder Sprite.png Abby Mechanic 1x1.png Nomad polina.png
Jailers logo.png
Jailer Sprite.png Gunslinger Sprite.png Sniper Sprite.png Guard Sprite.png Willy Sprite.png
Scientists logo.png
Dr. Sanchez Sprite.png Link=Willy Link=Light Soldier Miller 1x1.png Kane 1x1.png Norman 1x1.png Dr Pepper Sprite.png
Prisoners logo.png
Jailer Prisoner Sprite.png Sonya Parker Sprite.png Maria Sprite.png


  • Each unit used to have their own backstory on KTPlay written by developers. Most of them were copies of plots from different existing franchises – usually the ones that a unit was inspired by. Some time before the release of update 2.4.0, most of the stories have been deleted.
  • Before update 2.8.2, there were more rarity levels among units. These retired rarity levels were: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. However, the exact purpose of those rarity levels was unknown. With the abovementioned update, it has been changed to separate units by their method of acquisiton.
    • The addition of rarity levels is believed to be an attempt at copying Supercell's Brawl Stars character obtainment system, which is radically different from that of DA:ZW. Such rumor began to spread following a different one, stating that Soft-H is a big fan of the game.
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