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Trader's shop

Trader is an NPC that can be accessed from the main game menu. He offers the player a few opportunities to buy valuable items.


Crafting menu

Trader runs a store, in which he offers a selection of four random items every 24 hours. As of update 2.7.0, one of the four items available for sale will be a free daily gift. The shop also acts as a place for displaying premium offers and microtransactions.

Trader's stock

Item Cost Can appear as Free Gift
Any single buff item 225 Yes
A random bus part 150 No
A bus paint currently not owned 600 No
250 power points 250 Yes
1 blue key 300 No
10 money Free Yes*

* This item only appears in the free gift rotation.


Trader offers crafting services once the player receives a red key for the first time. Crafting is used to convert a player's blue keys into red keys. This is done by pressing the "Craft" button which reveals two empty slots that can be filled with blue keys. Up to two blue keys can be converted to red keys this way, costing 1 green money for every 2 blue key converted.

Crafting is disabled when the player owns five red keys or more or is about to craft to the five key limit. Despite the message given when attempting to craft more, red keys procured by other means besides crafting also apply.



  • Trader looks very similar to Rifleman.
  • Prior to update 1.5.0, bus parts were worth 7 coins instead of 50.
  • Prior to update 3.6.2, crafting was a more nuanced system, that was used for improving old upgrade items.
    • According to a Q&A, it's unknown how items are crafted together. Devs assumed that radiation is involved, pointing at a symbol that indicates it on the crafting box. However, said symbol is not actually visible in-game.
  • Prior to update 3.6.3, the price for buffs was 59. Additionally, power points were sold in packs of 50.
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