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Events are special game modes that occur on a regular basis. They require Event Tickets to enter, two of which are given for free upon checking the event page when a new event starts. This mode is unlocked from the Star Reward system after the player collects 40 stars.

Depending on the event, the player can obtain various rewards, such as coins, power points, tokens, and red keys.

Events can be divided into two categories: weekly and exclusive.


Weekly events happen once a week during the weekends, typically lasting 3 days and 6 hours. They cycle through a fixed rotation, and the goal and methods for success vary from each event to another.

Each weekly event has a set of 4 goals, which provide rewards when completed. Completing goals will also increase the difficulty of the event, which increases the level of the enemies.

While the objectives vary, the rewards are fixed for all weekly events:

  • 1st Goal - 100 Coins.pngcoins
  • 2nd Goal - 250 Coins.pngcoins + 250 Skincoins.pngtokens
  • 3rd Goal - 10 Cash.pngmoney + 250 Power Points.pngpower points
  • 4th Goal - 1000 Coins.pngcoins + 1000 Power Points.pngpower points

In addition, each weekly event features a leaderboard that awards top players with extra rewards:

  • Top 100 players receive 10 Blue keys.pngblue keys by the end of the event.
  • Top 200 players receive 1,500 Coins.pngcoins by the end of the event.
  • All other participants receive 500 Coins.pngcoins by the end of the event.

Currently, there are four events in the weekly rotation. These are:


Exclusive events, also commonly referred to as annual events, are held during special occasions, mainly Holidays, for a limited time only. Each of these events have a special event-exclusive currencies that can be exchanged for unique cases that hold many different rewards, including themed skins, unique Bus Paints, and exclusive units. These events usually last 14 days.

Two different exclusive events have been held so far. These are:

The previous versions of the exclusive events have been retired and are no longer part of the game, having been replaced with more current versions. These are:

Weekly Wall Mart Harvest Day Princess Rescue Corn Farm
Exclusive Halloween Event Christmas Event
Retired Halloween Event (Legacy) Christmas Event (Legacy)
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