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Currencies play an important role in DA:ZW, allowing players to make several different purchases throughout the game.



Coins (also known as gold) are used to hire units, upgrade said units, items, and the bus, and buy items available from Trader's store. They are common currency to collect and make a large bulk of a player's spending.

You can buy them in the shop;

  • The safe collects coins passively after completing missions. You can pay 49 Money to obtain all the coins in the safe once a certain amount has been reached.
    • Buying the safe will increase its level, which increases the maximum amount of coins it can carry:
      • Level 1 - 1500 max coins
      • Level 2 - 2900 max coins
      • Level 3 - 3700 max coins
      • Level 4 - 4300 max coins
      • Level 5 - 4700 max coins
      • Level 6 - 5100 max coins
      • Level 7 - 5400 max coins
      • Level 8 - 5700 max coins
      • Level 9 - 5900 max coins
      • Level 10 - 6000 max coins
  • There are three options listed under "Gold" at the bottom of the shop:
    • 300 coins for 15 money
    • 3,000 coins for 125 money
    • 30,000 coins for 1,125 money

There are several ways of obtaining them in regular gameplay:

  • Completing Supply Run 2 in locations 2, 4, 6, and 8, and opening their reward stashes with keys;
  • Safe pickups worth 10 coins can randomly drop from killed enemies in a mission;
  • Austin has a chance of gaining 10-25 coins upon getting a kill;
  • Receive as a reward for mission completion;
    • Completing missions with only a 1 or 2-star rating for the first time allows players to get an additional 25 coins by watching an ad.
    • Replaying a mission with only a 1 or 2-star rating and completing it with a 3-star rating allows players to get an additional 50 coins by watching an ad.
    • Completing missions with a 3-star rating for the first time allows players to get an additional 75 coins (the combined total of the previous two amounts listed above) by watching an ad.
  • Win a Skirmish match;
    • Coins are rewarded to players at the end of a league who don't make it to the top half.
    • Coins are rewarded to players at the end of a season.
  • Receive as a reward in events;
    • You receive coins from reaching personal goals during the event:
      • 100 coins for the first goal
      • 250 coins for the second goal
      • 500 coins for the fourth goal
    • 500 coins are earned for players that do not make it to the bottom half of the top 200.
    • 1500 coins are earned for players that make it to the bottom half of the top 200.
  • Get up to 375 coins total by watching three ads (100,125,150 coins respectively) in the cinema.
  • Receive as a part of daily gift #1;
  • Receive as a part of daily task rewards;
  • Receive as a part of the Star Reward system.



Money (also known as green money, cash, bucks) are used to purchase various premium packs, skins, fuel, and keys. They are a form of premium currency and are not obtained as commonly as coins can.

They can be obtained in following ways:

  • 5 money can be earned by completing all three daily tasks and claiming the final reward;
  • 10 money are rewarded when the player levels up;
  • As a reward for collecting time points from daily gifts:
    • 5 money are rewarded for filling up the 7 point-gauge;
    • 17 money are rewarded for filling up the 14-point gauge;
  • 10 money can appear in the shop (it will always be the free claimable gift);
  • 10 money is earned after reaching the third goal in an event;
  • Can be purchased in value bundles or money packs via microtransactions (USD used below, other currency amounts may vary):
    • 20 money for $1.02
    • 125 money for $4.64
    • 300 money for $9.28
    • 625 money for $18.58
    • 1,625 money for $46.45
    • 3500 money for $92.92

Skin Tokens


Tokens are only used for purchasing skins in place of money.

It costs 5000 tokens to purchase a 300 money skin, and 2000 tokens to purchase a 120 money skin. Redneck's Hillbilly skin and skin bundles cannot be bought with tokens. Event exclusive skins cannot be purchased with tokens as well.

If you do not have enough tokens to buy a skin, you are allowed to purchase the remaining tokens using money at a rate of 3 money per 50 tokens missing.

Tokens can be obtained in the following ways:

  • 50 tokens can be earned by completing all three daily tasks in a day and or by watching 6 ads in the cinema in a countdown of 24h starting when you open the cinema for the first time after the past 24h coutdown as been reached.
  • Skirmish rewards tokens based on your league at the end of the season:
    • League 1 - 250 tokens
    • League 2 - 300 tokens
    • League 3 - 350 tokens
    • League 4 - 400 tokens
    • League 5 - 450 tokens
    • League 6 - 500 tokens
    • League 7 - 550 tokens
    • League 8 - 600 tokens
    • League 9 - 650 tokens
    • League 10 - 700 tokens
  • 250 tokens are obtained when reaching the second goal of an event.

Reroll Tokens

Reroll Token.png

Reroll Tokens are used to reroll items. Regardless of item rarity, it always costs 1 reroll token to reroll an item. All stats, item type, and level (all experience on it will be lost) will be reset. The set and rarity of the item will be kept intact tho.

They can be obtained via the Cinema or the Trader.



Fuel is used for entering missions and exploring areas of location maps. Starting and restarting a level requires 2 points of fuel, and opening undiscovered map tiles consume 1 point of fuel. Events, Supply Runs and Metro do not cost any fuel to enter.

Fuel automatically refills itself by one unit per 10 minutes, and as such, players should take advantage of this and keep a part of their tanks empty lest they miss out on free potential fuel. A maximum of 20 fuel can be stored and obtained by waiting. Players can gain fuel by the following means:

  • Leveling up rewards 4 fuel.
  • Stashes with up to 4 fuel can be found on a map.
  • Advertisements, offered when players are low on fuel, provide 2 units of fuel each. They can be watched indefinitely until they reach the fuel limit or close the offer popup while having more than 2 fuel. Fuel continues refilling over the course of watching them, and as such they may exceed the fuel limit. It is also possible to exhaust the number of ads that can be viewed, requiring some time before another ad can load.
  • Players can choose to spend money for a fuel refill. The exchange rates are as followed:
    • 2 fuel for 2 money.
    • 10 fuel for 9 money.
    • 30 fuel for 25 money.

Aside from waiting, advertisement farming is often the most efficient method of refilling fuel in many cases. There's a small change that players can get 1 fuel in boxes around the maps.


Keys are currency used to unlock blue stashes rewarded at the end of Supply Runs.

Blue Keys

Blue keys.png

Blue keys are regular keys that can can obtained by the player from various sources. Blue keys are passively earned every 3 hours, as long as the player has less than 8 blue keys in their inventory. blue keys can also be found in the Trader's daily deals. They can also be found at the Cinema, obtainable by watching 2 ads, stashes on the world map, star rewards and obtaining all stars in a stage will give them out as well, but only as a one-time reward. A maximum of 99 blue keys can be stored at once, but it is not recommended to hoard more than 8 to take advantage of the passive generation.

During weekends you can gain a limited 5 time a day x2 rewards multiplier for blue stashes opened with Blue Keys.

Red Keys

Red keys.png

Red keys function the same as the blue keys but instead yield double the rewards, making it priceless on difficult late-game Supply Runs where high-rarity items are often desperately sought for. Unlike Blue Keys they cannot be affected by weekend x2 reward multipliers.

This currency can be obtained via crafting and by ranking up in Skirmish. Both methods reward one red key at a time. Crafting a red key costs 2 blue key and 1 money/green cash. However, if the player has 5 red keys in their inventory, they are not allowed to craft any more. Nonetheless, it is possible to exceed that number by receiving them from Skirmish.

Red keys crafting system has gone through a lot of changes, starting with 2 keys and 5 gas required to make a red key, then 1 key and 2 green cash, then 1 blue key and 5 green cash.

Power Points

LootIcon diploma.png

Power points are used for unit upgrades. They are spent in a 1:1 ratio to coins, but are not used to purchase any level 13 abilities. Units that scale with the Bus like Jailer and SpecOps upgrade automatically with it, and therefore require no coins or power points.

They can be obtained in many ways. This includes beating missions and challenges for the first time, finishing certain supply runs, receiving as Daily Gifts, purchasing from Trader, rewarded for completing unit mastery tasks, reaching personal event goals, earned from chapters both from certain individual tasks and upon full chapter completion, as star rewards, and by opening stashes on location maps.

Event Tickets


Event tickets are used for participating in events.

Each event ticket grants the player one attempt at the event that is currently happening. There is no limit to how many tickets can be spent during any given event as long as the player has them.

Additional tickets can be obtained by purchasing them with money from Trader while an event is currently happening. In the past, they could also be obtained by opening military or legendary cases and you could gain 2 of them at the start of each new event.

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