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This page lists rules that all users of the Dead Ahead Wiki are required to follow.


  1. Articles need to be written in an encyclopedic style. Delivering information through informal speech and comical presentation/jokes is not allowed.
  2. The version of the wiki you are reading uses English only. All articles must be written in this language. If you want to contribute in a different language, you need to visit the respective translation of the wiki.
    1. This wiki primarily uses the American style of English. Writing words in British manner is not punished, but intentional change of American words/grammar to British versions is considered malicious.
  3. The wiki formats numbers using commas as thousand separators, and periods as decimal points.
  4. No signatures on wiki pages.

Negligence of the 1st rule, vandalism, and intentional breaking of certain rules, including abuse of loopholes, will result in a ban.


  1. All tables should be using "wikitable" as their class. This is for consistency purposes.
  2. Depending on context, "None", "N/A", "–" should be used to fill in intentionally blank cells.
  3. The rows/columns should be ordered the way their subject is ordered in the game. If no specific order is available, then the table should be organized alphabetically or in order of relevancy, depending on what is best applicable.


  1. Why were these rules made?
    Guidelines are needed to maintain order within wiki and keep articles organized.
  2. These rules sound strict...
    1. That discourages me from making edits.
      Please don't worry about it. Even if your edits won't be the best, other members can refine them later. As long as your contributions are appropriate and helpful for the wiki, your efforts will only be appreciated. So feel free to edit articles yourself.
    2. That discourages me from participating in the community.
      No member of the wiki, and especially its random visitors, are obliged to participate in it. If you aren't feeling comfortable to do that, it's alright.
  3. Do I have to create an account to make edits?
    Yes. This is made to prevent certain levels of vandalism.
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