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Skirmish leaderboard screen.

Skirmish, known alternatively as League, is an in-game mode in which players fight each other's unit teams. While not being an actual PvP (player versus player) mode, Skirmish comes close to it by setting up multiple opposing players' team compositions against the player's own.

This mode is unlocked from the Star Reward system after the player collects 15 stars.

Players build their team with any available units that they have. Independent from the main game, the game mode consists of ten leagues. The player proceeds to the next league after staying in the top half of the leaderboards after a countdown of 48 hours. Players can also move up to the next league if enough victories are reached by choosing to fight everyone at once and winning over most (if not all) of the other participants consecutively. At higher leagues, it will be necessary to work around the prevalence of the Tactical set and annoying team powers (military 5/5, TMF 2/2).


Some restrictions apply to the game mode as it plays very differently to the main game.

The main rule is that only human units are available for use in the mode. Support items can't be summoned through normal means.

In addition, some perks and abilities are disabled or function differently for this game mode:

  • The "ability to drop on the battlefield" perk is disabled for SpecOps as it's redundant due to pre-placement;
  • The "direct unit control" perk functions differently for Chopper, Grenadier, and Queen: it activates immediately as the battle begins, and then keeps triggering with each cooldown ending.
    • In case of Lionheart, his ability activates when an enemy approaches him;
    • Red Barrel's manual detonation still works, should the item be dropped by SpecOps' special ability. This also extends to RBs dropped by enemy SpecOpses.
  • The "ability to come back to life" perk causes Glenn to revive immediately after being killed;
  • The "chance to dodge a hit" perk has a limitation for Pepper and Ranger: they cannot move beyond the edge of the screen;
  • The "places a mine in the specified location" perk for Dr. Miller is activated immediately, being put directly where he's placed at the start.
  • Private Rodriguez's special ability has an infinite starting attack range, meaning he can throw his knife and hit his target from any distance.


Unit placement is vital for winning in Skirmish.

A new league starts every 48 hours. Other players will join as soon as they open the PvP menu after their previous league ends.

The player builds their team with units with a maximum cost of 100 points (both courage and rage) on a 4x4 field grid. They then fight other players' teams and earn a dog tag for each win. Whenever one of the other players manages to win a fight against the player's team, they take a dog tag back. Players have the choice to fight one specific player by pressing the button beside their dog tags, or all of them by pressing the "Fight All" button in the lower right corner. There are no draws - each fight ends when one side has lost all their units, either to the enemy or from units that have turned into zombies.

Ranking up in Skirmish works through collecting and holding as many dog tags as the player can. After the timer ends, the player will either stay in the same league and earn some coins (if placed below the lower half) or receive a single red key and proceed to the next league (If placed in the top half) until the tenth and final league, in which players will stay for the rest of the season, although they still can fight for top 10 prizes.

The player also receives a coin reward every time they beat other player's team, which varies depending on the league level. Sometimes during a Skirmish battle, players may earn a common or rare upgrade item from a random enemy unit they kill.

Upon reaching League 5, players will encounter the best-of-two format. In this version of Skirmish, there are three rounds, and players must construct a team for each round without reusing any units across the three decks, encouraging more diverse deck-building. To win the dog tag of the opponent, players need to win two out of the three rounds. Conversely, losing two out of the three rounds results in a loss.

If the game becomes too slow, there's a x2 speed button to accelerate gameplay, which can be particularly helpful when using the "Fight All" option.


Each Skirmish season lasts for 1 month. By the time the season ends, the player receives a seasonal reward depending on their achieved league rank. Immediately afterward, they then go down three league levels.

Info Table

League Logo Battle Coins per Season rewards Rank Up rewards Top Players Reward
Participants Top Players Instant
Rounds Battle
1 Skirmish1.png 10 4 6 1 Coins.png3 Coins.png30 Skincoins.png250 Red keys.png1
2 Skirmish2.png 10 4 6 1 Coins.png4 Coins.png40 Skincoins.png300 Red keys.png1
3 Skirmish3.png 10 4 6 1 Coins.png5 Coins.png50 Skincoins.png350 Red keys.png1
4 Skirmish4.png 10 4 6 1 Coins.png6 Coins.png60 Skincoins.png400 Red keys.png1
5 Skirmish5.png 10 4 6 3 Coins.png8 Coins.png80 Skincoins.png450 Red keys.png1
6 Skirmish6.png 12 5 10 3 Coins.png10 Coins.png90 Skincoins.png500 Red keys.png1
7 Skirmish7.png 12 5 10 3 Coins.png12 Coins.png120 Skincoins.png550 Red keys.png1
8 Skirmish8.png 16 6 14 3 Coins.png15 Coins.png150 Skincoins.png600 Red keys.png1
9 Skirmish9.png 18 7 16 3 Coins.png18 Coins.png180 Skincoins.png650 Red keys.png1
10 Skirmish10.png 20 9 3 Coins.png20 Coins.png200 Rank 1.pngBadge Level Skincoins.png700 Red keys.png1


Ranks are small icons that can be seen next to every player's nickname. They indicate how many times the player has managed to stay in league 10. These ranks are not only displayed in the Skirmish leaderboard but in the player's event leaderboard scores and missions deck as well.


  • Before update 2.1.0, PvP was unlocked by obtaining 37 stars. It was changed to a requirement of owning 4 units, and then was reverted in version 2.7.0, with a lesser amount of stars needed.
  • Before update 2.4.0, Grenadier was the only unit whose value is evaluated in courage points to be unavailable in Skirmish.
    • The developers never stated an exact reason why he was unavailable for Skirmish aside from his grenade being too powerful for this game mode. It's possible that they weren't sure how to make his manual ability work in that mode or how to balance him.
  • Prior to update 3.2.0, Skirmish did not allow any unit that does not cost courage to be used. This affected Austin, Welder, Berserker, Saw, and Queen.
  • If players reset their game progress on Android and reconnect to Google Play with their current game progress, their team and league level will be kept.


Old League icons

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