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Team powers, also known as synergies, are a special mechanic activated by creating a deck with a certain combination of units. When the required amount of said team's members are used in a deck, their special effect will be activated during a mission. It might positively change the way units function as a whole or grant them a bonus that activates under a condition. Some team powers only affect their respective members while others grant a bonus to an entire deck. A team power's activation is always indicated by a sound cue, and the team's icon below the courage and rage bars will briefly flash. The team's icon also briefly flashes over the recipient or subject of the power's effect.

In general, team powers follow a formula of three tiers:

  • The 1st, activated by two units: a non-conditional passive effect;
  • The 2nd, activated by three units: an effect that becomes active once three different units from the same team are present on field at once;
  • The 3rd, activated by five units: a stronger non-conditional passive effect;

Units that belong to a team have their respective icon in the left corner of their deck portrait. Most units can use skins to get access to a different team. Currently, not every human unit or skin is assigned a team.

Articles related to team powers only provide information about their mechanics. For information about how well they perform, see Team Power Rankings.

Synergy List

The below table provides a list with all existing teams, and their synergies and members.

Some descriptions of bonuses are misleading, or provide an inadequate or incomplete explanation of how the synergy actually works. Additionally, certain powers suffer from bugs and might not function correctly. Please make sure to consult each teams' individual article to get proper understanding of how they work. The below table only lists synergy descriptions provided in-game by developers.

Team Units Units
Emergency logo.png
Climber 1x1.png Firefighter Sprite.png Medic Sprite.png Paramedic Nancy 1x1.png Lionheart 1x1.png Technician Bosco Sprite.png 2 All units in the deck obtain 50% fire resistance.
3 While there are 3 unique Emergency units on the battlefield, any unit standing in Medkit's range will receive a 50% increase to their damage.
5 The health of all Emergency units is increased by 25%.
Northerners logo.png
Chopper Sprite.png Northerners Glenn Sprite.png Lester Sprite.png Turbo 1x1.png Flannel Carol Sprite.png Winter Sonya 1x1.png link:Redneck link:Medic link:Andrea 2 Northerners are guaranteed to get a critical hit on their next attack after killing an enemy.
3 While there are 3 unique Northerners on the battlefield, the first hit of each newly spawned Northerner is guaranteed to be a crit.
5 When a unit that costs 25 courage or more is summoned, 15% of their price is returned.
College logo.png
College Redneck Sprite.png 1998 Builder Sprite.png Coach Sprite.png Dale 1x1.png Bully 1x1.png Cheerleader Sprite.png 2 All units on the battlefield don't turn into zombies.
3 3 unique College units on the battlefield. The Charisma of College units is increased by 100%
5 A random College unit comes out when another College unit kills 5 zombies. Cannot activate more than once per unit
Military logo.png
Military Glenn Sprite.png Modern Grenader Sprite.png Military Sniper Sprite.png Carol 1x1.png Specops Sprite.png link:Juggernaut 2 Military units at less than 10% of their max health have a 30% chance of ignoring an incoming attack.
3 While there are 3 unique Military units on the battlefield, when any Military unit dies, there is a 20% chance that SpecOps will be summoned.
5 Military units cannot be directly attacked by anyone until they attack first with the exception of opposing Military units.
Patriots logo.png
Patriot Marine Sprite.png Patriot Farmer Sprite.png Rebel Gunslinger Sprite.png Patriot Charlotte Sprite.png Banny Charlotte Sprite.png Carol Williams 1x1.png Juggernaut 1x1.png Montag Sprite.png 2 Molotov Cocktail's fire pool and afterburn do double damage.
3 While there are 3 unique Patriots on the battlefield, all fire damage by humans and rage abilities, both direct and afterburn, does double damage.
5 Patriots get a 15% chance of setting the enemy on fire with any attack they do.
TMF logo.png
Cap Sprite.png Soldier Sprite.png Flamethrower Sprite.png Swat Sprite.png Rogue 1x1.png TMF Ranger Sprite.png 2 All TMF units have a 50% chance to ignore explosion damage.
3 While there are 3 unique TMF units on the battlefield, a random extra TMF unit will be sent out when the next one is called.
5 When a TMF unit gets summoned, there's a 50% chance for the courage/rage cost of a random unit in the deck to get decreased by 5 points. Limited to 10 activations per battle.
Builders logo.png
Builder Sprite.png Builder Pepper Sprite.png Builder Light Soldier.png Builder Abby 1x1.png SWAT Builder 1x1.png Bulldozer Sprite.png Operator Sprite.png 2 When a Builder unit is summoned, there's a 10% chance a random extra Builder will be sent out with them.
3 While there are 3 unique Builders on the battlefield, a random extra Builder will be sent out when the next one is called.
5 All units in the player's deck deal double damage to the barricade.
IF logo.png
Pepper if skin 1x1.png Grenader Sprite.png IF Medic Sprite.png Light Soldier 1x1.png Ranger 1x1.png 2 Medkits on the battlefield stay out for twice as long.
3 While there are 3 unique IF units on the battlefield, a Medkit is dropped on a random spot every 25 seconds.
5 Medkit's healing pulses deal damage equal to its healing power to enemies in its radius.
Mechanic logo.png
Hillbilly Sprite.png Mechanic Sprite.png Welder Sprite.png Mechanic Diaz 1x1.png Abby Mechanic 1x1.png Nomad Polina Sprite.png Wrench Sprite.png 2 When a Mechanic unit is sent out, the bus gets repaired for 5% of its health.
3 While there are 3 unique Mechanics on the battlefield, each newly spawned Mechanic has a 25% chance to spawn a Turret, with Welder guaranteeing one to spawn after being sent out.
5 Turret receives two times less damage from overheating.
Jailers logo.png
Gunslinger Sprite.png Sniper Sprite.png Guard Sprite.png Willy Sprite.png Jailer Sprite.png 2 All rage abilities get a permanent 30% preparation time reduction.
3 While there are 3 unique Jailers on the battlefield, all Jailers have a 25% chance to stun the enemy on a critical melee hit.
5 All units in the deck get a permanent 30% preparation time reduction.
Psychos logo.png
Berserker Sprite.png Saw Sprite.png Queen 1x1.png Clown Chopper Sprite.png Austin 1x1.png Red Hood 1x1.png link:Juggernaut 2 There's a 25% chance for a 13 rage pack to spawn when Psychos land a critical hit.
3 While there are 3 unique Psychos on the battlefield, any random unit on the battlefield gets a Fury buff applied on them when a rage pack drops.
5 There's a 10% chance for any enemy to drop a 20 rage pack when killed.
Police logo.png
Police Pepper Sprite.png Policeman Diaz Sprite.png Police Glenn Sprite.png Sheriff Charlotte Sprite.png Agents 1x1.png Riot Policeman 1x1.png Collector Sprite.png Mountie Sprite.png 2 All ranged units in the deck get their magazine size doubled.
3 While there are 3 unique Police units on the battlefield, all following cops will come out with a shield that is equal to 25% of their maximum health in shield points.
5 When a Police unit dies, all other Police units currently present get the Fury buff applied on them.
Marines logo.png
Marine Sprite.png Marine Sniper Sprite.png Sonya Sprite.png Ranger Tactical 1x1.png Nancy 1x1.png 2 Private Rodriguez never pauses while attacking.
3 While there are 3 unique Marines on the battlefield, they and all next spawned team members get their agility set to 100.
5 All Marines will not pause in between their attacks.
Rednecks logo.png
Redneck Sprite.png Farmer Sprite.png Wild Carlos 1x1.png Chopper Rural 1x1.png Nancy Nurse 1x1.png 2 There's a 5% chance for a 25 courage pack to spawn whenever a Redneck takes damage.
3 While there are 3 unique Rednecks on the battlefield, a random Redneck unit fully restores their health whenever they spawn a courage pack from taking damage.
5 When a Redneck dies, there's a chance a courage pack will spawn.
Scientists logo.png
Kane 1x1.png Miller 1x1.png Norman 1x1.png Liquidator 1x1.png Dr. Sanchez Sprite.png Dr. Lilly Sprite.png Dr Pepper Sprite.png 2 The Drone's explosion damage is increased by 100%
3 While there are 3 unique Scientists on the battlefield, and a scientist dies, a Drone will appear and attack their killer.
5 Damage to enemies is increased by 10% for each kill of the same zombie.
Prisoners logo.png
Maria Sprite.png Jailer Prisoner Sprite.png Sonya Parker Sprite.png Carolina Ortiz Sprite.png 2 Melee damage resistance of all Prisoners is increased by 50%
3 While there are 3 unique Prisoners on the battlefield, all prisoners get a 50% chance to dodge each enemy's first hit.
5 N/A

Non-Synergized Units

Members that currently do not belong to an existing team include:

Christmas Mechanic Sprite.png Glenn Sprite.png Desperado 1x1.png Christmas Welder Sprite.png Carlos Sprite.png Cashier 1x1.png Christmas Cashier Sprite.png


  • Since Pepper's special activates after a cooldown, it's fairly beneficial for Builders, as it means that all extras that come out with her are guaranteed to be inspired. Same works in reverse – extra Pepper will boost summoned Builder/Light Soldier.
  • Mechanics' 2/2 synergy can be used to easily clear non-boss missions with 3 stars, thanks to Redneck's low cost and reparation time allowing the bus to be consistently healed. The game only checks its durability at the end of the mission, so as long as the barricade remains standing for a certain amount of time, it should be possible to recover from all dealt damage by spawning mechanics with leftover courage. Levels with bosses are guaranteed to give 3 stars on completion (unless the bus got below 1% of its health), so the synergy is less relevant there.
  • In game, Rednecks' 5/5 power states that a bonus courage drop is guaranteed. It's possible that lack of chance mentioning is a developer oversight, or the synergy is just non-functional in current version of the game.
  • Currently, a developer oversight causes all support items and units created by abilities to be level 0, unless the player has them in their deck. This affects Turrets in Mechanics 3/3, Medkits in IF 3/3, Drones in Scientists 3/3, Builders 2/2 and 3/3, TMF 3/3 and College 5/5.


  • Jailers is the only Team whose constituents are all units in their default skins.
  • College is the only team to have no normal units, being made up entirely of units' alternate skins. This also makes College the most expensive team to acquire in terms of money/skin tokens.
  • Northerners contain the most amount of skins/units that cannot be earned under regular means, totaling up to six out of the nine current members.
    • Both the Worthy and Nurse Hirsch skins for Redneck and Medic respectively, and both Turbo and Andrea can only be earned during the Halloween Event as very rare crate drops.
    • Lester can only be earned during the Christmas Event as a very rare crate drop.
    • Carol Flannel is a timed-exclusive skin only available for a few days during the US Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Before update 3.6.3, there used to be a glitch that prevented Police's 5/5 power from applying its respective damage boost.
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