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Upgrade items are accessories used to improve stats of player units. They come in a large variety, and can affect various characteristics in different ways.

Items are used by putting them in their respective slots on a unit's page. They can always be unequipped or swapped for another one. By pressing a box icon on the main screen, players can access a window that shows all items they have, sorted by rarity and level. Tapping an item will show an overview of its stats. If an item has a lock icon, it means it is being used by a certain unit. That unit's portrait will be shown on the item's overview screen. A single item can't be equipped by multiple units.

Support items such as Empty Barrel, Medkit, and Turret can't use accessories, as they usually rely on characteristics different from those of human units.

Items can be found inside tappable vehicles in missions (can only be collected once), and by opening lockers rewarded at the end of supply runs. For more information, see: Supply Runs.

Items can also be received when breaking the barricade in the Corn Farm Event and when participating in Skirmish to combat other players. The latter has a small chance of happening, and only provides common-tier items. For detailed information on item drops in Corn Farm, see its page.


There exist four category of items, each providing a guaranteed increase to one of the units' core characteristics:

Slot Bonus
Cups +Flat Health
Knives +Flat Ranged Dmg. +Flat Melee Dmg.
Watches +Flat Agility -% Preparation Time
Books +% Crit.
+% Crit.
+% Health +% Ranged
+% Melee

Each item in the game is randomly generated, with there existing an incredibly large number of possible stat bonus combinations. Once an item is found, first it gets a random main stat assigned. Then, the game determines how many bonuses it should have. It can have either a maximum amount, or maximum minus one. Once that's done, it assigns the item 3-4 (this value is different for percentage based items) random extra stats (substats) that do not repeat. Each stat has a range of default values.

The game follows a specific order with application of bonuses. First, it applies percentage multipliers on base damage. After that, it adds up flat bonuses. For example, lets imagine a unit with 30 base damage, who has +20% multiplier and +10 flat bonus from items. First, the game uses multipliers: 30 * 1.20 = 36. And then it adds flats: 36 + 10 = 46. 46 is the unit's resulting damage.

The following tables list the value of the main (first) stat of each item at each level, for more information about the secondary stats see: Item Data.

+flat health
Level Common Rare Epic Legendary
1 6 9 12 15
2 9 12 15 18
3 12 15 18 21
4 18 21 24
5 21 24 27
6 24 27 30
7 31 34
8 35 38
9 39 42
10 46
11 50
12 54
+flat ranged/melee damage
Level Common Rare Epic Legendary
1 4 5 6 7
2 7 8 9 10
3 10 11 12 13
4 14 15 16
5 17 18 19
6 20 21 22
7 25 26
8 29 30
9 33 34
10 38
11 42
12 46
+flat agility -% preparation time
Level Common Rare Epic Legendary Common Rare Epic Legendary
1 4 5 6 7 4 5 6 7
2 7 8 9 10 7 8 9 10
3 10 11 12 13 10 11 13 14
4 15 15 16 15 16 17
5 20 18 19 18 19 21
6 26 21 22 22 23 24
7 24 25 27 28
8 27 28 30 32
9 30 31 34 36
10 34 40
11 37 44
12 40 48
+% ranged/melee damage or health +% crit chance +% crit damage
Level Common Rare Epic Legendary Common Rare Epic Legendary Common Rare Epic Legendary
1 4 5 6 7 2 3 4 5 5 6 7 8
2 7 8 9 10 3 4 5 6 9 10 11 12
3 10 11 13 14 4 5 6 7 13 14 15 16
4 15 16 17 7 8 9 18 19 20
5 18 19 21 9 10 11 22 23 24
6 22 23 24 11 12 13 26 27 28
7 27 28 15 16 31 32
8 30 32 18 19 36 37
9 34 36 21 22 41 42
10 40 25 47
11 44 28 52
12 48 31 57


Items can be improved by selecting them and pressing the "upgrade" button. This will change the layout of item window, allowing players to choose six items to "recycle". Recycled items add a certain amount of points to a level gauge. Once it's full, the item will receive an upgrade after paying the upgrade cost. Up to six items can be used at once. Each item costs a certain number of coins to recycle, which increases with its rarity. The amount of points obtained for each recycled item scales with both rarity and the item's own level.

Leveling items up improves their "guaranteed" bonuses. At levels 1 to 5, each upgrade increases the main stat by +3. If possible, level 6 upgrades and beyond increases it by +4. With each 3rd upgrade, a random extra substat is boosted alongside. The increase value of extras depends on which stat it is (generally speaking the value fluctuates at around a value of 1 to 3. For example one time might upgrade from level 1 to level 2 and the stat will go from 7+ to either 12+/13+/14+). If the item does not have the maximum number of substats, it may obtain a new one instead. Tiers determine how many levels and extra bonuses an item can have.

Tier Max.
Max # of
Common 3 1 11 5
Rare 6 2 17 8
Epic 9 3 28 16
Legendary 12 4 39 24

The above recycle point values are provided for level 1 items. If recycling items of higher level, they provide a greater amount of points, while their cost stays the same.

For detailed information on extra stats, their upgrade values, recycle values, and item levels, see: Item Data.

Item Sets

Each upgrade item in the game exists as a part of a set.

A special bonus is activated once three items from the same set are equipped on a unit. The fourth item can belong to any other set, without any penalties. Equipping all four items from the same set doesn't provides any extra benefits.

Stat bonuses from sets are always applied the last, right after percentages and flats from items.

Some descriptions of bonuses are misleading, or provide a poor explanation of how the set actually affects its wearer. Please make sure to consult the dedicated pages of each set to get proper understanding of how each of them works. The below table only lists set descriptions provided in-game by developers.

Reference Table
Set Cups Knives Watches Books Set Bonus Qualities
Adventurer Common adventurer cup.png Common adventurer knife.png Common adventurer watch.png Common adventurer book.png Increase Main Damage by 5 Common
Junk Common junk cup.png Common junk knife.png Common junk watch.png Common junk book.png Adds 10 health Common
Butcher Rare butcher cup.png Rare butcher knife.png Rare butcher watch.png Rare butcher book.png Increase your coin reward after battles by 10% Common, Rare
Startup Rare startup cup.png Rare startup knife.png Rare startup watch.png Rare startup book.png Adds 2 speed Common, Rare
Chef Epic chef cup.png Epic chef knife.png Epic chef watch.png Epic chef book.png Increases Main Damage of all units by 7% while this unit is on the battlefield Rare, Epic
Teenager Epic teenager cup.png Epic teenager knife.png Epic teenager watch.png Epic teenager book.png Increase Main Damage by 10% Rare, Epic
Builder Epic builder cup.png Epic builder knife.png Epic builder watch.png Epic builder book.png Has a 25% chance of preventing damage Rare, Epic
Tactical Epic tactical cup.png Epic tactical knife.png Epic tactical watch.png Epic tactical book.png Ignores 50% of the enemies' bullet resist Rare, Epic
Ranger Epic ranger cup.png Epic ranger knife.png Epic ranger watch.png Epic ranger book.png Increases critical damage by 10% Rare, Epic
Fast Food Epic fastfood cup.png Epic fastfood knife.png Epic fastfood watch.png Epic fastfood book.png Adds 25% Health Rare, Epic
Military Legendary military cup.png Legendary military knife.png Legendary military watch.png Legendary military book.png Fires 2 times more bullets each shot with a 30% chance Epic, Legendary
Hunter Legendary hunter cup.png Legendary hunter knife.png Legendary hunter watch.png Legendary hunter book.png Increase Main Damage by 5% for every 15 distance units between the unit and the target Epic, Legendary
Gentleman Legendary gentleman cup.png Legendary gentleman knife.png Legendary gentleman watch.png Legendary gentleman book.png Increase Main Damage by 50% for 2 seconds after a critical hit Epic, Legendary
Surgery Legendary surgery cup.png Legendary surgery knife.png Legendary surgery watch.png Legendary surgery book.png Increase Main Damage by 2 times when Health goes below 50% Epic, Legendary
Fitness Legendary fitness cup.png Legendary fitness knife.png Legendary fitness watch.png Legendary fitness book.png Increase Aggression to 100. Epic, Legendary
SwissMade Legendary swissmade cup.png Legendary swissmade knife.png Legendary swissmade watch.png Legendary swissmade book.png Increases Main Damage by 17% Epic, Legendary
Boss Legendary boss cup.png Legendary boss knife.png Legendary boss watch.png Legendary boss book.png Increase the Main Damage of all units by 25% for 3 seconds when this unit enters the battlefield Epic, Legendary
Hitman Legendary hitman cup.png Legendary hitman knife.png Legendary hitman watch.png Legendary hitman book.png Increase critical damage by 30% when health is less than 100% Epic, Legendary
Gambling Legendary gambling cup.png Legendary gambling knife.png Legendary gambling watch.png Legendary gambling book.png Increase Crit.Chance by 25% when health is less than 100% Epic, Legendary
Firefighter Legendary firefighter cup.png Legendary firefighter knife.png Legendary firefighter watch.png Legendary firefighter book.png Increase damage to burning units by 30% Epic, Legendary
Lucky Guy Legendary luckyguy cup.png Legendary luckyguy knife.png Legendary luckyguy watch.png Legendary luckyguy book.png Retains 1 health upon receiving lethal damage for the first time Epic, Legendary
Scout Legendary scout cup.png Legendary scout knife.png Legendary scout watch.png Legendary scout book.png Grants a shield equal to 20% of total health for 2 seconds whenever this unit defeats an enemy Epic, Legendary
Big Boy Legendary bigboy cup.png Legendary bigboy knife.png Legendary bigboy watch.png Legendary bigboy book.png Damage is increased by 5% for each 100 Health Points Epic, Legendary
Patriot Legendary patriot cup.png Legendary patriot knife.png Legendary patriot watch.png Legendary patriot book.png Increase Main Damage by 7% whenever an ally dies Epic, Legendary
Ice Breaker Legendary icebreaker cup.png Legendary icebreaker knife.png Legendary icebreaker watch.png Legendary icebreaker book.png Increases Main Damage against stunned or frozen enemies by 30% Epic, Legendary
Lone Wolf Legendary lonewolf cup.png Legendary lonewolf knife.png Legendary lonewolf watch.png Legendary lonewolf book.png Increases Main Damage by 45%, This bonus is decreased by 15% for each other unit on the battlefield. Epic, Legendary


Reroll Screen

Any item can be exchanged for a new one using a special currency called reroll tokens. To perform this, access the items menu (the box that can be seen on the right side of the map screen) and select any item you wish to reroll. Then, you can press the green button next to the item's current level to proceed with the reroll. This button will not appear if the item is currently equipped by any unit.

Rerolling an item will exchange it for a level 1 item from the same set. This means that the item can be replaced by one for a different slot, such as a knife turning into a cup. Additionally, any previous item experience invested will be lost in the case of rerolling an already leveled item.

Due to the nature of rerolling, it is not recommended to use this feature unless it's a level 1 item. For items that have already been upgraded, it is better to use said item to upgrade another, as this will recycle some of the experience points invested.


  • The revamped item system bears a striking resemblance to Genshin Impact's Artifacts system, encompassing various aspects such as the rarity of items, the upgrading mechanics, the utilization of item sets, and stats.
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