Forest Firefighter

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Forest Firefighter
Forest Firefighter Sprite.png
Sets fire to everyone it touches. Inspired by Reddit user u/Indo_SpecOps.
Main Stats
Health-Healing.png Health
Melee.png Melee Damage
Fire.png Fire Damage
Equal to 20% of FF's melee damage
Fortune.png Crit. Chance
Speed.png Speed
Rage Drop
Behavior Stats
Agility.png Agility
Agility.png Aggression
Morale Stats
Icon charisma.png Charisma
Charisma Radius
Fire.png Fire

Forest Firefighter (FF) is an infected dressed in a singed yellow firefighter suit with white reflective strips, faded green pants, and a wildland firefighter pack with a chest strap and waist belt. His skin appears charred and has active flames on his arms and head.


Forest Firefighter is a regular zombie, albeit one with very high movement speed. Its attacks are guaranteed to apply the fire debuff on units struck by it. The damage of the debuff will be equal to 20% of FF's melee damage.

Forest Fighter is immune to fire damage, and has resistance to knockback.

Currently, FF is only present in the Infected Metro as a natural enemy. In other modes, this zombie can only be encountered through the death of Lionheart, who transforms into it after getting killed.


  • Forest Firefighter's original concept was made by Reddit user Indo_SpecOps. He is the first zombie added to be inspired by a community member.
    • Originally, Forest Firefighter was named "Charred", referring to how he was doused in gasoline. He would have 85 health, 21 damage, and 7 speed.
  • Among all zombies that are exclusive to the Infected Metro or encountered through some unit's death, Forest Firefighter is the only to be entirely unique, and not based off another existing enemy. Crooked is a reskin of Builder, Abby is a downscaled Insectoid, and EMT is a more fragile Paramedic.
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